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lucentia365 Eye-lid Care Wipes

Detailed description

- Easy eliminating secretion on your eye-lid
- Natural plants origin humectant added
- Hypoallergenic tested [Completed Patch test for 48hours]
- All ingredients are EWG Class1
- Helps to care your eye-lid from dust or other particle
- No added any chemical ingredients
- Easy to carry with individual sachet pack
- Cleansing eye-lid wipe with marigold flower extracts.
- All raw materials used in this product are EWG level 1 raw materials.
- Suitable for all skin type.
- Excellent secretion removing
- Hygiene, mild and hypoallergenic
- Convenient eye-lid care
- No need to wash-out after use
- Moisturizing and Soothing
- Suitable to use regardless of gender and age


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